What can I do if paper jam?



Step 1 Figure out where the jam has occurred. Open the cover of the machine, as well as the paper tray, to find the paper jam.
Step 2 After locating the paper jam, turn off the photocopier prior to trying to remove the jammed paper.
Step 3 If possible, grasp the paper and pull it out in the opposite direction it has been fed into the photocopier. Do not tug too hard or the paper might rip.
Step 4 After removing the paper, inspect the area of the jam closely for any paper fragments still present and remove them.
Step 5 Check the rollers of the photocopier for damage, making sure that the machine’s components remain in proper working order. When checking the rollers, look for any snags that could potentially cause a paper jam.
Step 6 Replace the cover and paper tray after fixing the paper jam and determining that all components operate as intended. If the machine’s components are damaged, replace them or have a photocopier specialist do so.
Step 7 Press the correct buttons to cancel any paper jam messages that appear on the copier’s display screen. The display typically tells the user which button he or she must push to cancel the message.

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