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Printing that works on every platform

Printing was once a simple thing, but with the rise of mobile devices and multiple platforms, printing is becoming harder and harder to manage. 

At PaperCut printing has been simplified again. Configure things exactly to your liking, and we’ll make sure the printing part simply happens, every single time.

BYOD Printing

Automated Print Queues

Find-Me Printing


Protect data before, during, and after printing

Businesses spend billions on IT security and firewall protection every year, but some of the biggest (and simplest) security wins actually sit right under our nose at the printer.

PaperCut’s security puts peace of mind center stage. Physical measures protect documents throughout their entire lifecycle – and end-to-end encryption keeps data as breach-proof as possible.

Before: Access control

During: Secure release

After: Watermarking


Shrink your footprint and your bills

The overflowing recycling bins next to the printer give us a hint at the waste we need to control but let’s not forget the waste of time and money.

Give back to the earth and your printing budget. PaperCut boasts eco-friendly policies to help you use less paper, save on toner, and make sustainable habits the status quo.

Responsible reminders

Zero uncollected print jobs

Actionable reports


Leveling up your scanning and digitizing

Harnessing cutting-edge cloud and document processing tech, PaperCut makes MFD scanning simpler, smarter, and more business-integrated than ever.

Just like PaperCut’s printing, its scanning works on all MFD makes and models — out of the box, with a consistent, super slick touch-screen interface. And it has been designed with features like one-click scanning actions so people spend less time at the printer/copier.

Any and Every Destination

Smarter Digitized Documents

Universally User Friendly


The golden goose of print in the cloud

Print management was once a tale as old as time. Secure and quick printing was traditionally facilitated by an on-prem print server – one of many pieces of hardware that formed your business infrastructure.

Then the cloud came along, and business infrastructure changed forever. You no longer needed servers on-site, or even applications on your devices. 

The Edge Mesh

PaperCut Hive

PaperCut Pocket